Internetstores Strengthens Customer Centricity with NPS®

May 7th at 9:18am by Susan Levermann

Europe’s leading online platform for outdoor & bike generates more loyal customers and +62% repurchase rates using zenloop

As part of the SIGNA Sports Group, Internetstores is Europe‘s leading online platform for bikes and outdoor equipment — with over 40 different online shops in 14 countries, stores in Germany, Sweden, and France, and a growing network of local service partners.

Strengthen Customer Centricity with NPS

In order to gain detailed insights into the customers' shopping experience, identify improvement potential in the customer journey, and reduce customer churn, Internetstores relies on the retention management platform zenloop. The Stuttgart-based company was founded by René Köhler in 2003 and has been using zenloop to query NPS feedback at three touchpoints since 2018. This way, Internetstores reveals opportunities for improvement, tackles the problems communicated by churning customers, and regains these customers through personalized contact. The focus here is particularly on integration in all “after-delivery” emails throughout Europe.

The Challenge

As the leading online platform for bike and outdoor in Europe with different shops, brands, and target markets, Internetstores is confronted with divergent customer groups and wishes, which consequently requires different approaches and methods to increase customer loyalty. In order to generate detailed insights into the character of these, to conduct further analyses, and to convert them into personalized actions, a SaaS solution is needed that automates this process and yet still provides the possibility of individual activities.

Higher Repurchase Rates thanks to NPS

The Solution

To evaluate the delivery process in various countries, Internetstores uses the NPS query via e-mail embed. For additional insights into pain points and customer satisfaction, the NPS is also gathered after contact with customer service - also using email embed as a channel.

“By integrating zenloop at various touchpoints, we get an accurate picture of the satisfaction of our customers and their purchasing behavior. We can determine specific repurchase rates and develop actions according to the different rating types as well as to the customer value. The extensive features, such as the live feed from zenloop, enables us to carry the visual feedback into the company and thus continuously increase our customer-centricity.” Thomas Spengler – Chief Customer Officer, Internetstores Group

In addition to the SaaS solution, zenloop also gave guidance on sending times and the relevance of touchpoints in order to optimize the response rate with regard to the desired results. The strategic consulting raised the response rate to 30% and the comment rate to 50%.

In order to increase the customer centricity, Internetstores installed monitors in their offices which display different dashboards using the zenloop Live Feed. This way, customer feedback is carried in real-time into the company and across all departments.

The Result

Internetstores identified a clear sales potential for promoters with zenloop and measured the influence of the customer experience on company KPIs:

  • The repurchase rates of promoters are 62% higher than those of detractors. This maximizes the sales potential of satisfied customers and opens up additional sales opportunities - if recovery measures are successfully applied to churning customers. !
  • On the basis of customer feedback and zenloop‘s guidance, dedicated systems of actions were developed from which “close-the-loop” measures can be derived with regard to customers and the company itself.

Increase Repurchase Rates and Customer Centricity with NPS

Closing the feedback loop for the customer

  • “Close-the-loop” actions take rating types and customer value into consideration.
  • Satisfied customers are forwarded to review portals to become brand ambassadors and support with acquiring new customers.
  • Individually tailored offers and retention actions increase the customer value of promoters and passives.
  • Webhooks for forwarding to CRM and customer support tools make it possible to win back customers with fast and personalized answers.

Closing the feedback loop within the company

  • “Close-the-loop” actions increase customer-centricity in the company.
  • A daily report to responsible employees shows the development of the aggregated NPS across all brands and countries.
  • Smart labels cluster feedback thematically. Teams are informed in real-time by directly forwarding feedback by email.
  • Live feeds on screens in different locations ensure maximum feedback transparency and customer-centricity in the office, even without direct customer contact.

For the future, Internetstores is planning to further intensify their cooperation with zenloop.

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Susan Levermann

Content Marketing Manager