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About Caseable

With more than 750,000 customers, Caseable is one of the largest international e-commerce companies delivering personalized accessories for small electronic devices.

Caseable uses zenloop’s “Custom” solution to develop a holistic feedback strategy and to find out how to ensure consistent high quality despite selling in different countries. In addition, Caseable actively wants to collect customer feedback on their product range. Since May 2019, the Brooklyn-based company requests NPS feedback via overlays and emails at three website touchpoints. In the course of their evaluation, Caseable focuses primarily on increasing customer centering within the company as well as on identifying detractors in order to initiate appropriate win-back measures.

The Challenge

Caseable has more than 750,000 customers and operates in the USA, UK, France, and Germany. In order to ensure consistently high product quality and speedy delivery in all four countries, an integrated experience management solution is needed that not only collects feedback but also analyzes it both internationally and automatically.

In addition, a uniform, global feedback strategy needs developing and customer-centering promoted. The aim is to understand customer needs in terms of product and delivery and to incorporate them into business development.



The Solution

In order to compare quality and processes and to analyze product satisfaction in different countries, Caseable uses zenloop to collect NPS scores at the three following touchpoints: “Shop Experience”, “After Delivery” and “Post-Purchase Customer Service”.

In terms of feedback strategy and customer centering, Caseable focuses on various internal “closing-the-loop” measures. These measures help make customer opinions visible within the company and this assists in incorporating them into product and process development. They also serve to minimize customer feedback response times.

“Through the strategic and automated evaluation of customer feedback, we were able to improve our product range as well as external and internal processes regarding the needs of our customers.”

The Result

By using the zenloop Retention Management Platform, Caseable was able to:

  • Increase their NPS score by 40 points
  • Identify detractors and initiate win-back measures
  • Introduce process and product improvements as well as quality assurance

Process Improvements Satisfy Customers:

Due to the use of NPS on the “After Delivery” touchpoint, Caseable discovered that long delivery times – especially in the USA and UK – resulted in lower repurchase rates compared to France and Germany. Instead of working with a distributor who relabeled packages before shipping, thanks to NPS feedback they now ship directly, significantly shortening delivery times.

Customers also expressed a desire for delivery status updates of their orders, which Caseable is now implementing. This increased customer satisfaction and is reflected in improved repurchase rates and a 40-point rise in NPS.

Product Improvements Pay for NPS:

Using smart labels and the mood analysis of customer comments, Caseable was able to take a close look at its own product quality and customer preferences.

This led to adjustments of shades and materials. Furthermore, products have been completely removed from the range and replaced with alternatives that better suit the customer’s wishes.



Win-Back Measures and Customer-Centricity Convince Critics:

Caseable uses various measures to implement its uniform feedback strategy and recover identified detractors.

  • An integration with the Zendesk Customer Service Tool helps assign NPS feedback in different languages to the relevant teams.
  • Email templates help teams quickly respond to critical statements. For example, detractors receive an apology email automatically and immediately in case of complaints about shipping or product.
  • In order to further minimize the response time to customer feedback and at the same time make feedback transparent, customer comments are also forwarded to the entire company via Slack, pre-sorted into comments about customer service and delivery.
  • For added transparency and to promote team awareness, Live Feeds provide in-depth feedback throughout the office. In addition, Caseable relies on dashboards in each area. In the production department, for example, they each show three meaningful positive and critical comments. This serves on the one hand as a training measure and warning signal for production employees, on the other hand as a motivational injection, providing positive energy.

In the future, Caseable plans to further intensify its cooperation with zenloop.

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