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In this course you will learn all the basics around integrated experience management, how to use the zenloop platform and how to take advantage of all the benefits.

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Who Is the Academy Made For?

Do you work in marketing, customer relationship management, customer experience management or across disciplines and work with zenloop? Then this course is for you!

From Customer Service Agent to Head of Marketing to CEO, with our zenloop Academy you will learn how to use zenloop effectively in your field to achieve your goals. You will learn the theoretical basics as well as get to know our platform and its functions better.

Customer Service / Customer Relationship Management / Marketing / Customer Experience Management / Product Management / Innovation Management / Voice of the Customer / C-Level

What Can I Expect?

Module 1: Introduction
Introduction to Integrated Experience Management (IXM)
You will learn about the goals of integrated experience management, what elements it includes and what makes it a success factor.
Module 2: Customer Intelligence
Gaining customer information along the customer journey
You will learn all about the different survey methods and how to successfully collect customer feedback at selected touchpoints.
Module 3: Continuous Innovation
Using the voice of the customer for innovation
You will learn how to evaluate customer feedback with the help of zenloop and derive improvement opportunities from it.
Module 4: Customer Centricity
Harnessing the voice of the customer for greater customer centricity
You will learn the basics of customer centricity and how to distribute feedback holistically throughout the company.
Module 5: Retain at Scale
Retain dissatisfied customers sustainably
You will develop an understanding of the revenue potential of detractors and how to win back and retain these customers.
Module 6: Brand Advocacy
Leverage satisfied customers to drive brand advocacy
Develop an understanding of the revenue potential of promoters and how to leverage these customers for referral marketing.
Module 7: Legal Considerations
Legal information about IXM
You will learn everything important about the use of cookies, which data zenloop processes and what else you have to pay attention to.

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This is how you successfully use the zenloop platform for your goals:
Get customer feedback at the right touchpoints.
Use customer feedback to drive continuous innovation.
Implement and embed customer centricity in your organization.
Retain dissatisfied customers and turn them into loyal fans.
Leverage satisfied customers for free referrals.


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