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  • First steps with the NPS
  • How to close the feedback loop
  • How to choose the right CX software
  • How the Net Promoter System® increases customer loyalty and sales in the long term


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    Day 1

    It starts with a brief overview of the basics of the NPS to explain how the Net Promoter System differs from conventional surveys. In doing so, we explain what the NPS is in the first place, what question it is based on, and how to calculate it.


    Day 2

    This lesson explores the strengths of the NPS and its specific advantages over traditional surveys. The focus here is on how companies can increase customer retention with the help of the Net Promoter System.


    Day 3

    In this lesson, we describe how to get started with your own small NPS pilot project. In doing so, we’ll look at selecting people to survey, sending out the survey, how to read, analyze, and track feedback, and lastly, how to initiate improvements based on the feedback collected.


    Day 4

    In this lesson, we will go into a little more detail about how you can successfully integrate the Net Promoter System into your company. The main focus here is on how to expand the pilot project into a long-term NPS program.


    Day 5

    This lesson covers how to build a Net Promoter System to “close the feedback loop”. To that end, we present best practices for following up with customers and show how to ensure that customer feedback reaches every corner of the organization.

    Day 6

    This lesson shows how to use the NPS for a cause analysis so that all feedback serves to improve the product in the long term. We provide tips on which questions you should ask and what importance customer orientation plays in the process.


    Day 7

    In this lesson, we’ll explain how you can use the insights generated with the NPS to respond to each customer individually, showing appreciation and increasing customer loyalty and revenue over the long term.


    Day 8

    In the last lesson, we will look at the specific functions required for the NPS software. The explanation of both technical and content elements will help you choose the appropriate software for your needs.


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