Mastering CX along the Customer Journey

In this master class, zenloop explains what a customer journey is & how to measure the individual customer experiences at the respective touchpoints.


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Mastering the Customer Experience at zenloop

In this masterclass, Grace Hemberg, Customer Success Manager at zenloop, explains what a customer journey is and shows how to best measure the individual customer experiences at the respective touchpoints along the customer journey. She uses two different customer journeys as examples: one from e-commerce and one from the energy industry. Using these, she presents the journey steps step by step with the appropriate CX metric for each.


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    What to Expect

    • Why collecting customer feedback is relevant for companies
    • How a company is able to listen to its customers properly
    • Which touchpoints are key when it comes to customer loyalty
    • Why retention is better than winning new customers


    The Speaker

    Grace Hemberg

    Customer Success Manager

    As one of zenloop’s Customer Success Managers, Grace Hemberg is responsible for the success of some of DACH region’s leading digital companies. By advising zenloop’s customers on CX topics, beginning from implementation and continuing through their customer’s journey, she helps them succeed in creating an outstanding customer experience.