Going the Extra Mile!

How to Introduce a Multi Stakeholder Process Into Zendesk

Take a look behind the scenes at how Miles Mobility handled accidents as a car-sharing business and how Zendesk facilitated a much customer-friendlier process.

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Watch the Recording Now

What happens if all goes wrong and our customer has an accident and needs help in an easy way to get back on the road quickly.

In this session, we like to share insights into how Miles Mobility and Zendesk solved complex customer requests that require the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

What to Expect

  • How Zendesk and Miles make a complex process as easy and convenient as possible
  • How they implemented the process changes internally
  • What their learnings and improvements over time are

The Speakers

Christopher Harms

Business Transformation Strategist EMEA

Christopher Harms, Business Transformation Strategist EMEA identifies innovative Strategies and Visions to solve todays and future challenges companies face in customer communications. With his extensive experience in sales and realization of complex IT and CX requirements, a passion for a great customer experience he serves our customers as sparring partner, idea giver and Partner to deliver outcomes that align to their business strategy.

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Florian Haus


Florian started his professional career in the retail sector. The Berlin native worked in sales within the FMCG industry before founding MILES Mobility together with Alexander Eitner in the autumn of 2016. At MILES, Florian is in charge of all topics related to the customer care product and its ongoing development, as well as the topic of data protection.

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Luca Moity

Product Manager Customer Care

Luca started his Customer Care Career in 2018 in a Berlin based scooter company before joining MILES in late 2018. Back then he was part of a 3 person team which he helped to grow to a +60 Person team in Berlin. At MILES, Luca is responsible for automating and developing processes in Customer Care and all teams working with Zendesk.

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