Composable, Headless, Monolitic, Whatsoever

Why Buzzwords Do Not Matter for Calumet to Be Successful

Oliver Breitfeld, Chief Customer Officer at Calumet, and Simon Reichel, Chief Operations Officer at Findologic dive into the challenges of online retailers at the CX1 WORLD 2022 and explain, which opportunities present themselves in e-commerce.

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Why buzzwords do not matter for you as a retailer. Composable, headless, monolitic, whatsoever – choose wisely what suits you and your business best. Focus on what really matters now and dont have too many projects on your agenda – next months will be challenging enough, so you need to stay agile and need to be able to manage your daily business properly.

In this session, Oliver Breitfeld, Chief Customer Officer will join Simon Reichel from Findologic, to discuss their journey from testing concepts to scaling globally, supporting revenue growth and sustainability. They will share insights and practical tips to help you streamline and scale e-commerce operations, optimize your online shop and connect with more customers across every stage of the buying journey.

What to Expect

  • How Calumet found out, exactly what it is their customers wanted specifically
  • What the current challenges for online retailers are and how they went around them
  • What the biggest opportunity is in e-commerce is and how to attract and also keep customers


The Speakers

Oliver Breitfeld

Chief Customer Officer

Oliver Breitfeld has been Chief Customer Officer at Calumet Photographic GmbH since 2019. With 15 years of experience in eCommerce and there mainly in digital retail, he has gained extensive experience, especially in mobile commerce – he was mobile first before there was an iPhone. Oliver’s biggest ambition is to shift the complexity of a purchase from the customer to the commerce platforms and bake the perfect pizza.

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Simon Reichel

Chief Operations Officer

As COO, Simon Reichel determines the operational business process and holds various degrees in the area of management. He is responsible for the quality and competitiveness of the products and processes. The coordination and guarantee of smoothly running daily processes between the departments in the areas of marketing, sales, project management and support allow for a professional combination of vision and daily business.

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