Shift to Action!

Triple ROI on Your CX Efforts With Action Management

For the first time ever, Andy Mura, Senior Director Marketing at zenloop, will publicly present a specific framework designed to bridge the Action Gap in his keynote at CX1 WORLD 2022, while announcing a brand new product category: ‘Action Management.’

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Companies are faced with a lack of effectiveness in translating what customers really want into action, paralysed by having no focus on activities that lead to a visible impact. We call this the Action Gap.

Many solutions on the market offer to collect and manage feedback, but there is no direct link between insights and projects. Customer Experience Management is not creating delightful moments: It’s all talk and no action.

This is where Action Management comes into play. To close the Action Gap, we shift our focus towards customer action and away from plain feedback solutions.
Because when customers submit feedback, they show that they care, and companies should show their dedication by acting on the feedback. It’s time to Shift to Action!

What to Expect

  • Find out what the Action Gap is and how it is connected to almost every company
  • Learn more about the Action Management pilot study that gives insights from over 350 experts
  • Discover how Action Management can bridge the Action Gap and delight customers


The Speaker

Andy Mura

Senior Director Marketing

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