Building Expertise to Drive CX Action in Your Organisation

How Customer and Employee Demands Will Change in the Future

Customer Journeys are just for customers, right? David Hicks, Co-founder and president at Tribe CX explains the multiple ways that Customer Journey Maps can be of use for organizations.

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Watch the Recording

David Hicks, Co-founder and President of Tribe CX will cover the following points in his keynote at CX1 WORLD 2022:

  1. Practical case study 1
    The secret sauce: North Star and CX sprints
  2. Practical case study 2
    Proof points: You’re (rightly) dead in the water without hard evidence
  3. Practical case study 3
    Making it stick: You can outsource shift to action, embedding it. Continuing the discussion.

What to Expect

  • The multiple ways you can use Customer Journeys in your own organization
  • How to create a Customer Journey Map for customers and employees
  • Best practices of Customer Journey Mapping


The Speaker

David Hicks

Co-founder & President

Proud co-founder and President of TribeCX, a tribe of senior CX practitioners who help define customer programs, deliver customer programs and build the expertise to keep delivering customer programs Previously David was founder and CEO of Mulberry Consulting, the largest international Customer Experience consulting business. He led the business for over 12 years, taking it from start-up till its sale, by then a global player with a fortune 500 client base. Before starting Mulberry, David led the specification development for customer experience delivery at Royal Mail to deliver an integrated experience across 200+k colleagues. For the last 15 years, he has coached global companies on customer experience from UPS to the UK Police, and globally for over 300 organisations in telecommunications, finance, retail, publishing and technology. David is also a Chairman of TMD, a leading Canadian marketing communications company based in Toronto, London and New York. David, a charismatic speaker, keeps things practical, personal and engaging. He speaks on a broad range of topics across customer, employee, stakeholder experience.

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