The Future of Digital Customer Experience

How Advertisement Will Influence the Customers of Tomorrow

Listen to the keynote of Björn Radde, Vice President Digital Experience at T-Systems, and find out, which subtle yet exciting means advertisements and marketing companies could take in the future.

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Watch the Recording

New technologies like voice assistants, connected TV, virtual and augmented reality, NFT communities, and the metaverse will change the digital marketing landscape. CX experts and digital marketing managers need to be prepared for these new digital touchpoints to provide a holistic digital customer experience.

What to Expect

  • How the customers themselves will influence advertising in the future
  • Which exciting new ways marketing could use to target customers
  • How futuristic advertisement strategies are already in place today


The Speaker

Björn Radde

Vice President Digital Experience

Björn Radde is Vice President Digital Experience at T-Systems International, a leading global provider of digital services based in Frankfurt, Germany. As a long-standing expert in digital experience and digital marketing, he always stays on top of current trends and technologies, and is responsible for all digital marketing touchpoints at T-Systems International such as the website, social media and digital marketing campaigns. In addition, Bjoern Radde has also written several books on the topic of digital marketing.

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