More than a Feature

SIGNA Sports United illustrates why customer focus is a fundamental part of the specialist business model.


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More than a feature: Why customer focus is an elementary part of the business model of specialists

Customer focus can encompass much more than the sum of individual UX features: specialists develop their entire business model according to the needs of individual customer segments. This guarantees higher customer satisfaction and unit economics – if implemented correctly.

Philipp Rossner, Managing Director at SIGNA Sports United, describes the essential prerequisites and success factors of how a customer-centric business model can be built and scaled internationally.

What to Expect

  • How the customer-centric specialist operating model at Signa Sports United works
  • Examples of specialists along the value chain of Vertical Commerce
  • Five critical success factors for V-Commerce
  • How to omptimize your business model beyond features as a specialist


The Speaker

Philipp Rossner

Managing Director and Board Member

Philipp Rossner is Managing Director and Board Member at SIGNA Sports United, the world’s leading online sports trading platform. He is responsible for strategy, business development and M&A. Previously, Philipp was CEO of brands4friends and Senior Director at eBay. Initially, he was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, focusing on consumer goods and media.