Managing CX Through Customer Expectations

From the view of logistics providers

Kati Packalen from PostNord is walking through the necessary steps in order to gain back trust of a customer.

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Managing Customer Experience at PostNord

For one negative experience, customer needs 12 positive experiences to gain back the trust of a product (brand) or service. Customer expectations often dictate on what kind of emotional connection consumer will end up with. How do you manage customer expectations when the customer journey involves a complicated process full of dependencies before your product arrives in the hand of your customer – possibly to other side of the world.

What to Expect

  • Which challenge retailers have to face when expanding their business worldwide
  • How systems and tools can help after the customer experienced an unsatisfying situation
  • How to create positive emotional connections with customers

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The Speaker

Nicolas Buchalik

Head of Brand Experience

For the past nine years, Kati has had the opportunity to get a close view of the entire sales lifecycle starting from telesales to heading entire sales department and customer service. This path has enabled Kati to develop a wide understanding of different types of customers and with that, an ability to drive a continuous development within the rapidly evolving logistics business, from customer point of view.

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