From 0 to 100 With Personalization

On’s Hyper Growth Story

In his keynote during the CX1 WORLD 2022, Owen Morley, Global Merchandising and Optimization Lead at On, talks about the roots as well as the future of On and how they drastically improved performance thanks to recommendations.

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The past two years were monumental for On: the brand got listed on NYSE, survived supply chain crisis and went through stormy pandemic times – while keeping growing their product catalog and expanding business at fast pace.

Join our session with Owen Morley, Global Merchandising and Optimization Lead at On to learn how the brand leverages personalization to foster business growth across 50+ locations and rapid catalog expansion, while keeping customer experience the #1 priority.

What to Expect

  • Where was On founded and why did they see a need for it
  • How they drastically increased their performance with deep learning algorithms
  • How On dealt with supply chain issues as a retailer


The Speaker

Owen Morley

Global Merchandising and Optimization Lead

A retail and digital veteran with 20 years of experience across FMCG, fashion, luxury and sports, forever passionate about building optimized and personalized customer journeys.

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