Balancing Global Complexity and Customer Experience in Times of Hyper Growth

Learn about NA-KD’s success story and how they overcome challenges with excellent CX and customer centricity.


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Establishing customer focus at NA-KD

With its range of brands and products, online fashion retailer NA-KD is taking Europe by storm. In doing so, the brand aims to combine trends, sustainability and affordability.

By putting their customers first and being highly interactive with their customers, they have managed to grow extremely in the 5 years since the brand’s inception. The challenges they face, the actions they take and the journey they are on will be revealed in this keynote.

What to Expect

  • How NA-KD is tackling global complexity as a Hyper Growth startup
  • How NA-KD puts the customer first and uses the brand and influencer collaborations as one of their key factors of success
  • How NA-KD offers the best customer experience throughout its whole customer journey
  • How NA-KD measures their (customer) success


The Speaker

Andrey Busk

VP Business Development

Andrey Busk is the VP of Business Development and has been with NA-KD since 2018. There he is responsible for the development and execution of strategic initiatives and projects. His previous experience was gained at companies such as MTG, Booz & Co. and Accenture, where his responsibilities included maintaining the post-purchase experience.