Why Experience Matters in Mobility Subscription Businesses

Tying Multiple Customer Journeys Into One

Janina Ahmed, VP Customer Success at FINN is going through the development of FINN over time and how they adapted to the new age of car ownership from different perspectives.

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Customer consumption patterns are evolving and traditional mobility services don’t meet customer expectations anymore. Customers expect an effortless and sustainable mobility solution that caters to their individual needs. FINN offers an all-inclusive car ownership solution tailored to ever-changing customer expectations. The all-inclusive service enables FINN to own all touch points along the holistic car ownership journey, thereby allowing many opportunities to create value and build a long-lasting customer relationship.

What to Expect

  • What people expect from a car ownership journey
  • Why too many customer journeys can be detrimental for businesses
  • What FINN has done in order to deal with the challenges that come with the new age of car ownership

The Speaker

Janina Ahmed

VP Customer Success

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