It’s Not All About the Customer

Delivery Hero explains how to complement customer survey findings with operational and financial data.


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Delivery Hero: It’s Not All About the Customer

While customer feedback is integral to gaining a good picture of the customer experience, companies should not rely solely on insights gained through surveys, says Sebastian McClintock, Global Director Customer Experience at Delivery Hero.

In his session at CX1 WORLD CONFERENCE, he will provide insight into how survey data can be complemented with operational data, how customer journey mapping can be used to uncover real treasures, and what the future of CX looks like.

What to Expect

  • Why it is important to not only look at the experience of end customers
  • Which other parties Delivery Hero considers for creating an outstanding experience
  • Why and how Delivery Hero leverages customer comments
  • What challenges Delivery Hero experienced when connecting financial, operational, and experience data
  • >Which learnings the company was able to take away from connecting these three types of data


The Speaker

Sebastian McClintock

Global Director Customer Experience

Sebastian has years of experience in Customer Experience Management with NPS as a key KPI and is responsible for launching customer experience projects in many countries. In addition, Sebastian takes the lead on projects with stakeholders around the world and facilitates workshops related to NPS, customer satisfaction and loyalty. He also manages global facilities on Qualtrics.