Tapping Into the Value of a System of Action

Delivery Hero explains in this CX1 2020 keynote, how it uses NPS to identify customer satisfaction factors and how they affect business success.

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Feedback Management with Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero’s mission is to provide an outstanding experience for its customers by listing select merchants on its platform that offer both a first-class customer experience and service.

Sebastian McClintock explains how Delivery Hero uses NPS feedback to find out what factors influence customer satisfaction and how they interact to impact business success. He also shows why feedback silos should be broken down and how combining financial, operational and experience data will lead to actionable insights and a better understanding of the drivers of customer satisfaction and the impact on the business.

What to Expect

  • What challenges Delivery Hero is experiencing due to owning many decentralized brands all over the world
  • How Delivery Hero leverages insights for action with a CX framework
  • How Delivery Hero collects feedback from its three stakeholder groups: restaurants, delivery drivers, and customers
  • How Delivery Hero breaks down data silos to identify drivers that impact business success


The Speaker

Sebastian McClintock

Global Director Customer Experience

Sebastian has years of experience in Customer Experience Management with NPS as a key KPI and is responsible for launching customer experience projects in many countries. In addition, Sebastian takes the lead on projects with stakeholders around the world and facilitates workshops related to NPS, customer satisfaction and loyalty. He also manages global facilities on Qualtrics.