How to Create Innovation From Customer Feedback?

Anticipating Customer Behaviour Over Time

At his session during the CX1 Mobility 2022, Valentin Jahn, Entrepreneur and CEO of MOBILITY DATA LAB, is sharing his insights on the development of Customer Experience and user management in the mobility sector.

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Valentin Jahn, Entrepreneur and CEO of MOBILITY DATA LAB is discussing some insights from his role as consultant, project manager and entrepreneur in the mobility sector and beyond. He will cover:

  • the beginning of shared mobility, from bikesharing to carsharing,
  • how mobility apps can function as a one fits all solution
  • new business modes for mobility providers

amongst other valuable insights.

What to Expect

  • Practical examples of previous mobility-sharing innovations, such as bike-sharing and car-sharing
  • Which aspects of modern travel customers don’t actually want and how we can learn from it
  • What the difference between users and customers is

The Speaker

Valentin Jahn

Entrepreneur & CEO

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