Making Digital Customer Centricity Measurable

Contentsquare shows how it’s done!

Contentsquare explains why we need to change the way we think about Big Data at CX1 Retail 2022.

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Customer Experience at Contentsquare

Contentsquare explains why we need to change the way we think about Big Data. This is accompanied by vivid examples of how we can understand and improve digital customer needs. Exclusive: The “Digital Happiness Index” – Forget Personas! What counts is real-time communication based on the acute needs of your customers.

What to Expect

  • How to truly understand user and customer expectations
  • Where to identify customer frustrations and how to transform the customer experience
  • On what basis Contentsquare understands data without requiring personal information

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The Speakers

Nicolas Buchalik

Marketing Manager

Nico, father of two girls, is an absolute fan of Customer Centricity and New Zealand. After more than 10 years as a reporter and hundreds of soccer matches, he has now been with Contentsquare for almost 3 years as a Marketing Manager and loves to talk often about the importance of Customer Centricity.

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Björn Bader

Retail Specialist

Björn has been at Contentsquare for almost a year and, in addition to swimming, cycling and running, is also involved with retail. After stints at Adobe, Bloomberg and BCG, he now talks to retailers from all over Germany about how they drive internationalization, make redesigns and relaunches successful and democratize data.

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