Action Management – from bad experience to loyal fan in 3 steps

In her presentation, Dina Uthman will share how zenloop uses action management to listen to customers, understand their needs and responds to them. Join us for our session at Moonova in February 2022.


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Action Management – from bad experience to loyal fan in 3 steps

Every company loses some of its customers. Mistakes happen and that’s ok. But how do we make sure that we don’t lose our customers because of such mistakes and that we can quickly fix the causes of the mistakes? With Action Management, 3 key steps can be automated: Listening to customers, understanding their needs, and reacting & acting on them.

In the presentation at the conference for decision-makers from digital business, marketing and innovation, we will show you numerous examples of leading digital companies and how they put their customers at the centre of their actions.


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    What to expect:

    • How to ensure that clients are not getting lost
    • How the needs of customers can be better understood with the help of action management
    • Numerous examples of leading digital companies


    The Speaker

    Dina Uthman

    Manager Sales

    Dina is Manager Sales at zenloop, the leading integrated experience management platform in Germany. Together with her team, she advises companies in various industries on the development and expansion of their customer experience management. Previously, Dina has built sales teams at Meltwater.