4 Customer Experience Trends that Marketers Should Not Miss in 2021

In this webinar, the Customer Experience Trends for the year 2021 will be presented, reflecting the current changes in buying behavior.


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Customer Experience at zenloop

Covid-19 further accelerates changes that have long since gathered momentum in the course of progressive digitization – a fact that is particularly noticeable in customer relationship management. Due to the currently rapidly changing buying behavior of consumers, efficient CRM strategies and processes are becoming more and more important for customer retention. So what are the trends that marketers should look out for in terms of customer experience in 2021? In this webinar, Felix Schlenther, Head of Sales at zenloop, takes a closer look at this question and names his four customer experience trends for the year 2021. The webinar is recorded in German language.


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    What to Expect:

    • Enrich business data with experience data: Understand not only what happens, but also why it happens
    • Customer centricity: Establish workflows that integrate experience data into the business strategy
    • Omnichannel: Understanding customer experience on all channels and at all touchpoints
    • CRM campaigns: improve customer communication by integrating the historical experience data


    The Speaker

    Felix Schlenther

    Head of Sales

    Felix is Head of Sales at zenloop, the leading experience management platform in Germany. Together with his team, he advises digital companies on building customer experience management. Previously, Felix built the sales teams in various software start-ups. As a speaker on customer engagement and centering, he is present at conferences such as OMR, Internet World, CX1 and DMEXCO.