Democratizing CX Data for a Superior Shopping Experience

This webinar is about how behavioral data combined with NPS data, increase conversion.

Democratizing CX Data for a Superior Shopping Experience

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Customer enthusiasm at Contentsquare, Lampenwelt and zenloop

This webinar is about how behavioral data combined with NPS® data can increase conversion. With Big Data, UX insights and NPS, customer needs become visible at every touchpoint. Customer journeys can be optimized based on data per channel, campaign or persona. CX teams can understand and react faster to anomalies in the journey.


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    What to Expect:

    • Expert tips for increasing the conversion rate
    • Live session with valuable insights to identify customer needs
    • Specific examples of the use of behavioral data and NPS.
    • How CX teams respond to insights to optimize customer journeys


    The Speakers

    Christiane Fink

    CRM Projects & Reviews Manager

    Christiane has been working for Lampenwelt for over 5 years and has built up the Lampenwelt store in the UK during this time. At the moment she is part of the CRM team and responsible for projects especially in the area of customer feedback.


    Felix Schlenther

    Head of Sales

    Felix is Head of Sales at zenloop, the leading experience management platform in Germany. Together with his team, he advises digital companies on building customer experience management. Previously, Felix built the sales teams in various software start-ups. As a speaker on customer engagement and centering, he is present at conferences such as OMR, Internet World, CX1 and DMEXCO.

    Thomas Weyand


    Contentsquare analyzes billions of digital behaviors to create unique metrics, visualizations and recommendations. Teams can then use these to drive revenue, retention and growth. As the leading platform for experience analytics, they are passionate about their customers, towards the goal of a happier digital future for all.