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Collect Customer Insights

Gather customer insights at every interaction with your brand – especially the most decisive moments.

Define KPIs, the right channels to reach customers, and the best time to collect insights. Design and launch multi-channel surveys.

Focus on Opportunities

Understand your next steps in order to translate customer insights into meaningful initiatives.

Identify key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction through intelligent analysis, automatically cluster and categorize topics, and prioritize initiatives.

Interact, Retain & Win Back

Set automatic rules to win-back dissatisfied customers or involve fans in advocacy programs.

React to customer feedback at scale based on topic, sentiment, segments, or other defining criteria.

Innovate & Drive Change

Involve the right stakeholders and immediately develop programs to improve processes, products, or services.

Ensure ownership and accountability, initiate impactful projects with key recommendations and strategic support, and monitor the effects of innovation management.


Delight & Close the Loop

Close the loop to keep your customers informed about all your initiatives while also sharing key results with colleagues.

Ensure your customers know their voices are heard, incentivize future feedback, show that you care, and share success metrics internally.

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Our Customer Success Stories – Intelligent customer Experience Management


Automated Analyses

u0022zenloop saves us time-consuming and manual analyses. With the Smart Labels, we can evaluate qualitative feedback from our customers in minutes.u0022
Jens Griebler / Deichmann
Head of CRM

Identify Pain Points

u0022With zenloop, we can easily set up email and slack notifications. This allows us to immediately and automatically forward critical feedback to the responsible employees.u0022
Sandra Friedrichs / Thalia
Manager Business Development
logo of keller

Effective Customer Recovery

u0022We use the promoters as a free marketing channel, e.g. for our refer-a-friend program, but also to receive referrals on rating portals.u0022
Lynn Hoblitz / KELLER Group
Manager CRM and Communications

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Discover all the benefits zenloop offers

Individually measure customer experiences at all touchpoints along the entire customer journey.
Real-time analysis and aggregated reports allow identifying the causes for dissatisfied customers.
Bring real-time customer feedback into your organization and build a customer-centric culture.
Recognize dissatisfied, churning customers and win them back in an automated, personalized way.
Leverage the potential of loyal customers for free referrals and improving your online reputation.

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