With the Styla Experience Manager, e-commerce companies can automatically create a seamless shopping experience and thus strengthen their digital user experience. In combination with the retention platform zenloop, companies can track and measure the customer experience after the purchase and thereby sustainably increase customer loyalty.

These Companies Improve their Digital User Experience
with Styla GmbH and zenloop

Personalized Content Along the Customer Journey

A personalized shopping experience can promote customer satisfaction and lead to a higher conversion rate. With the Styla Experience Manager and zenloop, companies can identify successful touchpoints along the customer journey and provide their customers with personalized and relevant content. This enables companies to use feedback data to reach their customers with suitable offers at the right time.

Sustainable Retention through Excellent Customer Experience

Personalized content can increase the length of stay and customer engagement in the online shop. Pain points along the customer journey are identified and addressed, resulting in an optimum shopping experience. This generates long-term customer relationships and sustainable customer retention.

Ability to Act Fast through Automation

Thanks to automation technologies with the Styla Experience Manager and zenloop, companies can avoid tedious creation and distribution processes, as well as the manual processing of customer feedback. Thus, resources can be used efficiently where they are needed. This enables a high degree of adaptability and fast reaction to customer requirements.


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