Using NPS® for Customer Centering and Transparent Feedback

April 11th at 9:01am by Susan Levermann

Otto Wilde Grillers Uses NPS as a Key Metric for Corporate Success

Founded in 2015 as a family business, Otto Wilde produces and distributes specialized 900-degree gas-powered grills for the higher-end market, which promise and deliver the perfect barbecue experience.

But it is not just in the case of barbecue goods that the Düsseldorf-based company pays attention to perfection – it refuses not to leave the topic of customer satisfaction to chance. Otto Wilde uses zenloop's custom solution to sharpen customer centering in the company. In addition, customer wishes are recognized and incorporated into product and process development in order to build up long-term customer loyalty and trust. Since April 2018, the company has been requesting NPS at 3 touchpoints via a link, email, and website overlay. NPS is established as a central KPI for the company's success.

The Challenge

As a young company in the high-end, high price market, long-term success needs constant customer trust and satisfaction. As a basis for this, customer wishes need to be both identified and known in order to address them.

This requires a retention management solution that not only provides a uniform KPI, but also enables fast and automated evaluation of customer feedback. In addition, it needs options for actions with which customer wishes and opinions can be incorporated into the company and used to support product expansion.

Otto Wilde uses NPS with zenloop

The Solution

In order to promote customer centering in the company and also to take customer wishes into account in product and process development, Otto Wilde raises NPS at the "After Customer Service" touchpoint via a link, at the "After Check-out" touchpoint via website overlay, as well as at the "After Delivery" touchpoint via e-mail.

Thanks to smart labels and sentiment analysis, Otto Wilde takes a particular aim at its own webshop, ordering process, shipping, and customer service. This enables the company to obtain a holistic picture of its customers and processes and to derive necessary actions from it for outstanding customer satisfaction and retention.

"As a former management consultant at Bain & Company, I was naturally aware of the benefits of the NPS. We are a customer-oriented company and nothing is more important to us than feedback from our customers. NPS is therefore extremely relevant to us. We are primarily a direct to consumer brand and have maintained a very close relationship with our customers from the very beginning.

Our goal is to make our customers so happy that they fully recommend us and our products. In doing so, we make ourselves stand out from many competitors. In our cooperation with zenloop, we particularly appreciate the simple implementation, the zenloop Customer Success Team, which quickly responds to requests and queries, and the personal exchange with the zenloop founders." - Julia Wilde, Founder & Managing Director, Otto Wilde Grillers

zenloop Case Study Otto Wilde

The Result

By using the zenloop Retention Management Platform, Otto Wilde was able to:

  • Increase NPS at the customer service touchpoint by 25 points
  • Identify detractors and initiate appropriate win-back measures * Activate promoters for recommendations
  • Implement process and product improvements

Feedback Right to the Top Levels of Management

Otto Wilde holds a monthly NPS meeting with both management and responsible employees in which everyone discusses the NPS feedback data, and to ensure that elementary customer feedback is provided to every level of the company,. The points which Otto Wilde wants to focus on are then passed on to the respective departments. This results in interesting insights, motivating praise, and important impulses for all employees to think about.

Otto Wilde is particularly pleased with the euphoria and enthusiasm that customers share immediately after purchasing their grill. This is also used to automatically transfer promoters to public valuation platforms for the generation of positive reviews.

Product and Communication Improvement Thanks to Customer Feedback

Also useful are the comments from buyers which help to explain the product and how to make it work even better. Just to show how practical customer feedback is, Otto Wilde first heard that some customers didn't know exactly how to remove the top from the grill to clean it or use the electric top instead of the gas top, by querying feedback.

Here Otto Wilde was able to improve their instructions and give customers better explanations.

Monitoring Process Adjustments and Innovations

When new processes are introduced, the team takes a particularly close look. For example, Otto Wilde hired a new Customer Care Partner in the USA, and thanks to using NPS, they knew exactly where to tweak their offering. As a result, within a year Otto Wilde was able to improve the customer service NPS from 39 to 65 and thus by 26 points.

"Our employees take NPS very seriously. It spurs them on in all areas when NPS goes up. In addition, customer feedback is a great help in customer service as well as in product development." - Julia Wilde, Founder & Managing Director, Otto Wilde Grillers

Smart Integrations for a Transparent Information Policy

Otto Wilde uses the Slack, Zendesk, and Freshdesk integrations offered by zenloop to inform all employees about the current NPS status quo.

For their planned new office, Otto Wilde also intends to offer a live stream via monitors in order to keep an eye on NPS at all times, as well as further intensifying cooperation with zenloop in the area of retention consulting. This will anchor NPS even more deeply in the Otto Wilde corporate culture.

Focus on NPS and strengthen customer-centricity now!

Susan Levermann

Content Marketing Manager