Episerver empowers companies to create digital experiences based on the principle of "Customer First". The Digital Experience Platform includes content management, email and personalization tools that enable companies to increase customer lifetime value, brand affinity and revenues. Via Episerver Campaign and zenloop, companies scale their customer experience and personalize the customer journey using NPS® feedback.

These Companies Create a First-Class CX with Episerver & zenloop

Generate Customer Segments with NPS Feedback

The direct integration feeds the NPS feedback directly into the CRM system after logging in to Episerver Campaign. Thus, customers can be automatically assigned to segments based on their NPS values.

Boost Customer Retention & Revenues with Smart Mail Campaigns

Via Episerver Campaign and the zenloop integration, it is extremely easy to build relevant and appealing email campaigns for each customer segment. Using artificial intelligence, customer data is automatically analyzed for sending emails with personalizing content and offers based on real-time behavior, which increases the shopping cart volume.

Create a First-Class Customer Experience

Using Episerver and zenloop, companies collect, analyze, and optimize data along the customer journey. This allows for tracking KPIs over time and identifying improvement measures for campaign optimization. These insights provide the basis for continuously developing the customer experience to create a first-class shopping experience.


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