Manage the entire customer feedback loop
with the Net Promoter System®

1. Listen

Collect most actionable feedback with highest response rates across all relevant touchpoints

2. Understand

Analyze feedback to identify key trends and customer segments

3. Act

Close the loop with customers and colleagues to reduce churn and drive improvements

High convenience boosts response rates

Multi Channel. Ensure convenience for any customer journey touchpoint. Whether it’s on-page after checkout or embedded in emails, creating targeted NPS surveys has never been easier.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 – awesome surveys ready to go within minutes

Don’t spend days setting up complicated surveys. Build beautiful customized NPS surveys that match your company style within minutes.

Expose real time feedback and excite your organization

Live feeds are the perfect dashboard to build a customer centric culture. Put it up on a big screen in the office and watch engagement and morale in your organization go up!

Smart Labels provide instant feedback insights

Analyze NPS comments in seconds by using Smart Labels. Qualitative feedback gets segmented into feedback topics. Customize labels to build you powerful text analytics engine.

Delight your promoters and critics with instant replies

Leverage your promoters as marketing channel and referrer. Reply to your critics to prevent churn. Push feedback to customer service system, Slack or Zapier to delight customers with instant replies.

Empower improvements with alerts and digests

Configure email alerts to route certain customer feedback to responsible employees immediately. Set up regular email digests to stay tuned how customer relationships improve over time.

Take actions with powerful integrations

Enrich your CRM data for better customer intelligence and trigger workflows to close the feedback loop.

Relentless focus on customer retention
boosts CR, repurchase rates and CLV

Leverage loyal customers as referrals and free marketing channel
Respond to critics with personalized replies to prevent churn
Drive customer driven improvements at the root cause
Grow a customer centric culture in your organization