Set up zenloop for WooCommerce in three steps

1. Create a zenloop account

Sign up here for your 14 days free zenloop trial. Use all features, including smart labels, API access and CSV exports.

2. Download our Plugin

Download the free Plugin here with only one click. The Plugin is updated to the current version of WooCommerce.

3. Syncronize

Follow these simple instructions to connect your WooCommerce store with your zenloop account. You can start collecting valuable customer feedback in under 5 minutes!

NPS® From Start To Finish

1. Listen

The highest response rates and most actionable feedback by reaching your customers with a survey tailored to the touchpoint

2. Understand

Identify key trends and customer segments, then track them over time to understand the numbers and comments that really matter

3. Act

Say goodbye to churn by turning your detractors into your biggest fans, and giving your promoters a chance to spread the word

Use multiple channels to collect feedback

1. Automatically send WooCommerce data to zenloop

2. Trigger NPS surveys on your order-success-page

3. Trigger NPS surveys after product delivery via email

Try zenloop for free and generate immediate insights!