die kartenmacherei & zenloop – Customer Retention through CX Insights

CX1 Masterclass 2019

CX1 Masterclass by die kartenmacherei & zenloop

When a negative customer experience can be turned into a positive one, the customer gains trust in the company. Those customers are often more loyal than customers who had a positive experience from the beginning. With the latter, the expectations are only fulfilled, with the former even exceeded. In this Case Study, Paul Schwarzenholz and Birgit Stephan explore how the NPS can be used in practice to increase customer retention, learn from bad customer experiences, and turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Using some practical examples, zenloop shows how their customer die kartenmacherei improves customer experience by using the Net Promoter System.

This masterclass is presented in German language.

*The masterclass is presented in German language

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CX1 Case Study: die kartenmacherei & zenloop
Problem Definition & Solution Approaches at die kartenmacherei
Improving Customer Experience Management with NPS
Optimization of CX Management due to "Closing-the-Loop" Measures
Exceeding Customer Expectations and Strengthening Customer Loyalty in an Online Business
Implementation and Use of the zenloop Platform
Meet the Speakers
Paul Schwarzenholz (zenloop) – Co-Founder and Managing Director

Together with Björn Kolbmüller and Lukasz Lazewski, Paul founded zenloop, the leading NPS platform in the German-speaking area. In 2008, he co-founded the online perfumery Flaconi together with Björn Kolbmüller, where he was in charge of Customer Success and Operations until the company was sold to Pro7Sat1.

Birgit Stephan (die kartenmacherei) – Tribe Lead at better service

Birgit Stephan is responsible for the strategic development of the service base in the DACH region and France at die kartenmacherei. Based on customer needs, she and her team continuously develop new processes and service functions for customers.

During the previous 6 years, she worked at Amazon Advertising, where she developed and implemented a global customer experience program to put NPS at the center of product development and service improvements.

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