Act smart on NPS® feedback
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The leading Net Promoter Score® platform for e-commerce teams

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NPS® From Start To Finish

1. Listen

The highest response rates and most actionable feedback by reaching your customers with a survey tailored to the touchpoint

2. Understand

Identify key trends and customer segments, then track them over time to understand the numbers and comments that really matter

3. Act

Say goodbye to churn by turning your detractors into your biggest fans, and giving your promoters a chance to spread the word

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Multi Channel

NPS works best when you pick the right touchpoint for your audience. Whether it’s on-page after checkout, or embedded in your marketing emails, creating targeted NPS surveys has never been easier

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Don’t spend weeks setting up an account and surveys. With zenloop, you can have a fully customized survey ready to go within minutes

Real Time Feedback

Our live feed is the perfect dashboard to build a customer centric culture. Put it up on a big screen in the office and watch engagement and morale in your organization go up!


Great service, keep up the good work!


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Ordered for the second time. 5 stars!


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Work with your comments

Filter, group, respond to and forward your comments to identify trends and close the loop with your customers. Next stop - Promoter Central!

Clever Analytics

Stop using NPS as a vanity metric and get some real value by diving into the detail with results, response and comment rates over time.

What our users say about us

"The easiest way to implement and roll out the entire Net Promoter System from A to Z - fully automated."

Nana Lohmanns

"zenloop allows us to identify happy customers and drive revenue growth through their referrals."

Gerald Kullack
Founder & MD

"zenloop increases our revenues by identifying conversion killers on our website and checkout funnel."

Stephan Linden
Managing Director

"zenloop helps us to close the loop with customers proactively and thereby turn them to fans of our company."

Feliks Eyser
Founder & MD

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