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term customer relationships, boost satisfaction, and reduce churn with artificial intelligence.

In 2020, 89% of businesses compete mainly on customer experience


of buyers are willing to pay and buy more for a great customer experience with a company

9 out of 10

customers become loyal customers if companies show strong omni-channel customer engagement strategies


customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn, but only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain

Hear your customers

Companies that implement customer experience projects begin by focusing on collecting and analyzing customer feedback. This is a great starting point
to meet your customers’ expectations. As a result, you tune your Voice-of-Customer efforts to both strategic and operational frequencies.

Identify churn drivers promptly

Learn how Smart Labels manage your feedback and uncover issues at every customer touchpoint in your organization and learn what your customers expect from you.

Win back dissatisfied customers

Discover any dissatisfied customer instantly and automatically while interacting with the right recovery action at the appropriate time.

Strengthen customer retention and grow profits

The more satisfied customers and promoters a company has, the higher its turnover will be. In addition, satisfied customers are a free marketing channel that can be activated to win new customers.

Market leaders maximize customer experience with zenloop

"With zenloop, we collect customer feedback at various touch points and thus gather suggestions for improvements."

Michael Munder
Head of E-Commerce

"The easiest way to implement and roll out the entire Net Promoter System from A to Z - fully automated."

Nana Lohmanns

"The only NPS platform that collects concrete feedback, performs driver analyses and closes the feedback loop."

Jakob Keller

Take actions with powerful integrations

Enrich your CRM data for better customer intelligence and trigger workflows to close the feedback loop.


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