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15% Customer Churn per Month in E-Commerce

3 months

until every unsatisfied customer has churned

1 in 4

customers churns on average


larger shopping carts for satisfied customers compared to dissatisfied ones

Create a Unique Shopping Experience

With zenloop, you collect customer feedback at any touchpoint and explore your online shop from a customer perspective.
Identify reasons for churn, win back dissatisfied customers, or retain your fans as brand ambassadors.

Identify Reasons for Churn Promptly

Smart Labels manage your feedback and reveal what your customers expect from you. Uncover delays and disruptions at each customer touch point in your shop directly by strategically collecting feedback.

Strengthen Customer Retention and Grow Profits

In e-commerce, profits increase with customer satisfaction. Identify satisfied customers and activate them as a free marketing channel to attract new customers or receive reveiws on rating portals.

Win Back Dissatisfied Customers

Indentify any dissatisfied customer instantly and interact with the right recovery action at the appropriate time. In many cases, the most loyal customers are those who have been prevented from churning by giving them extra attention.

Why E-Commerce Market Leaders Choose zenloop

"zenloop helps us to measure customer happiness at different touchpoints with critical input for continuous improvement."

Michael Munder
Head of E-Commerce

"zenloop saves us complex manual analyses. Thanks to the Smart Labels, we automatically process qualitative customer feedback."

Jens Griebler
Head of CRM

"You guys truly helped us generate valuable customer insights and put them at the heart of our actions."

Christoph Behn

Market Leaders Strengthen Customer Satisfaction With zenloop

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