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Win and retain loyal customers with our zenloop NPS software.
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These companies benefit from the zenloop NPS® software everyday

"We use zenloop for obtaining customer feedback at various contact points. This allows us to identify areas for improvement."

Michael Munder
Head of E-Commerce

"zenloop eliminates the need for time-consuming manual analyses. With Smart Labels, we evaluate qualitative customer feedback from within a few minutes."

Jens Griebler
Head of CRM

"The simplest solution for the complete implementation of the entire Net Promoter System from A to Z - fully automated."

Nana Lohmanns
Head of Product

Empower customer centricity

Learn from your customers

We've got your (feed)back. Build customized surveys and collect quantitative and qualitative feedback with high response rates.

Communicate effectively

Hear your customers and prevent churn. Automatically alert support and impress critics with personalized replies.

Learn your lessons

Collect feedback systematically and use smart labels to analyze your results. Identify weak points and take immediate action.

Take actions with powerful integrations

Enrich your CRM data for better customer intelligence and trigger workflows to close the feedback loop.

zenloop focuses on the voice of the customer

  • Feedback analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Dashboard reports
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Survey management