Immediately record, evaluate and implement customer feedback within your company

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These companies benefit from the zenloop software everyday

"We use zenloop to obtain customer feedback at various contact points. This allows us to identify areas for improvement."

Michael Munder
Head of E-Commerce

"zenloop eliminates the need for time-consuming manual analyses. With Smart Labels, we evaluate qualitative customer feedback from within a few minutes."

Jens Griebler
Head of CRM

"The simplest solution for the complete implementation of the entire Net Promoter System from A to Z - fully automated."

Nana Lohmanns
Head of Product

Deliver an extraordinary experience to your customers

Identify detractors

Immediate detection of discontent, potentially churning customers.

Analyze smartly

Identify relevant trends and customer segments. Analyze key data points and comments.

Strengthen customer retention

Personalized targeting and recovery actions for dissatisfied customers.

Take actions with powerful integrations

Enrich your CRM data for better customer intelligence and trigger workflows to close the feedback loop.