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Job Interview: What is actually a Head of Customer Success doing?

December 5th at 4:38pm by Susan Levermann

Have you ever wondered what people in customer success actually do? Ask no more: Cam, our Head of Customer Success has the answers and talks about her role, her working life and what it takes to be successful at our customer experience management platform zenloop.

Job Interview: What Is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

January 22nd at 4:17pm by Susan Levermann

Maybe you’ve just finished your studies or you want to professionally re-orient yourself - but don’t know what to do? If that sounds like you, then consider the job of Entrepreneur-in-Residence at our customer experience platform zenloop, which gives you experience in all their different divisions. Today, we’re interviewing our current Entrepreneur in Residence, Judith, about her work and day-to-day tasks.

NPS Software zenloop: Award for Customer Experience Management

March 22nd at 4:02pm by Susan Levermann

We are thrilled to announce that zenloop has been awarded as a 2018 Rising Star as well as with the Great User Experience award 2018 by FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable platforms for SaaS reviews in the industry.

Scoring a high 100% user satisfaction rating, zenloop was dis...