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Why using continual NPS Micro Surveys will make you more successful

February 13th at 3:29pm by Susan Levermann

Too many companies still rely on sending out the same, repetitive annual customer surveys to capture information about satisfaction and feedback from their customers. Often it runs to ten or more questions, resulting in low participation and little in the way of meaningful information. But zenloop with their Net Promoter Score, generated using ever present Micro Surveys, ensures high response rates and valuable insights for companies. This article examines both types of survey and explains why Micro Surveys are the better choice for you.

Net Promoter Systems – Successful Feedback Management in spite of tight resources

January 4th at 11:51am by Susan Levermann

A Net Promoter System shouldn’t just generate a score. The correct use of NPS to manage feedback and successfully close the feedback loop will bring your organization long-term benefits. NPS software such as zenloop helps you to efficiently and sustainably close the feedback loop, even with limited resources.