Hygge in the Office: A New Look for the zenloop Office

December 20th at 10:41am by Susan Levermann

Last October we moved with our NPS Platform zenloop from Chausseestraße to new offices on Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte. With an increasing number of employees, our old office was too small and we needed new, larger, premises. During the move, it became clear that the design of the new office must be adapted to the needs and desires of the growing team.

Together, the 27-Member zenloop team worked on a concept and design of the new premises, creating a unique place in the heart of Berlin. The development of our ideas quickly showed us that we didn’t want to follow classical office concepts, but rather incorporate modern approaches in layout and design. The result: Anyone searching for fixed desks and rigidly allocated workspaces will not find them here. Instead, individual rooms are matched up with differing work requirements and are complemented by a flexible seating concept.

Logo of the NPS Platform zenloop

This means group working-spaces for cross-team projects, as well as specialized office space geared to different tasks and ways of working are found alongside more traditional meeting rooms. In addition to a call room for uninterrupted phone calls there is, for example, a focus room - designed as a haven for those who prefer to work in absolute silence. A cozy cafe rounds off the office, ideal for all those employees who prefer working in a free-er and non-traditional office environment. So that our customers remain in the center of our daily work, their feedback accompanies us as a live-feed over multiple monitors throughout the day.

Co Working Spaces in the office of the NPS Software zenloop

Hygge is also present in our co-working spaces

In addition to modern working equipment such as height-adjustable tables, powerful laptops and ergonomic office chairs, significant emphasis was placed on the feel-good factor of the team and on personal touches. Everything is loosely based on the slogan: "Hygge is also at home in the office" - bright carpets, modern furniture with natural materials, wood, and comfortable sofas can be found complimenting the wooden floors.

Decorations, pictures and plants help provide a feel-good factor

In the cafeteria, staff photos decorate the image strips. Photos of our different team weeks and team events decorate the hall. The overall modern impression is rounded off by a wall decorated in our corporate colors.

Our zenloopies can relax in the cafeteria

Three Tips for a Stress-Free Office Move

For those who are still facing the challenge of an office move, use our three tips to help things move smoothly:

Professional movers are not overrated! Of course, depending on the size of your team and company you can achieve a lot by yourself, and you should never lose this hands-on mentality, but professional office movers save the time and nerves of all those involved.

Employees who feel comfortable are happy employees, so don’t skimp on the decoration! Decoration may appear to some as unnecessary kitsch, but because we bring such large amounts of our time in the office everyone should feel comfortable there. By involving employees in the design of offices and having them invest time and effort in decoration, you create not only a functional workspace, but a small home for the entire team.

Label, label, label, because what is not written, does not exist. We all know the chaos that a move can cause. And who wants to spend 8 hours rummaging in a wall of cardboard boxes for the coffee cups or a laptop? Clear labeling of boxes keeps the chaos within limits. Therefore remember the maxim: Better once too often than once too few.

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Susan Levermann

Content Marketing Manager