Meet a zenloopie: Dina

April 11th at 9:01am by Sascha Kringel

You think to become a sales pro, you’ve got to have an academic background in business? Well, not necessarily! In her interview, our Sales Lead Dina gives us some insight into her everyday business, her studies in education and communication, and how she got to leading zenloop's sales team. If you happen to be interested in joining Dina's team or zenloop in general, check out our vacant positions on our career page.

Dina, super excited to have you! Please introduce yourself briefly.
Hi, I’m Dina and I’m currently leading the mid-market sales team at zenloop. I’m originally from a small town near Munich but have been living in Berlin (on and off) for a while now. My academic background is in education and communication, but after starting my first job in software as a service sales, I decided to dedicate my professional career to that––sales

Can you give us some insight into how a typical day of yours looks like?
I start at around 8 am and usually plan my day quite accurately with calendar blockers for each to-do that has to be dealt with on that specific day. My weeks are often filled with lots of meetings which are either prospect meetings, coaching or training sessions with my team, or cross-departmental and leadership alignments.

If you had to explain zenloop to your grandpa in 3 sentences, what would you say? 
Haha, the 3 sentence limitation is tricky––let me give it a try, though. When you go to your favorite store and buy a new piece of clothing, the shop assistant will (hopefully) ask you if you enjoyed your shopping experience. They ask this to get your feedback and thus better understand what they can improve to make their customers even happier. zenloop provides companies of virtually all industries with a technology that helps them to do just that––get feedback from customers, analyze this feedback, and leverage it to improve their customers’ buying experience.

You did it in 3 sentences, not bad. Which stages did you go through on your way to your current position at zenloop? 
When I joined zenloop, I wasn’t planning at all to get into my current role. I’ve led a sales team in another software as a service company before and was actually thinking about a career change. I then applied for a recruiting job at zenloop. The recruiter asked me to meet zenloop’s former Head of Sales and because we got along really well, I joined zenloop in a slightly new role: sales enablement. In this role, I was responsible for the training and development of the sales team. Although I really enjoyed working in sales enablement, I missed the operational sales part. At the same time, zenloop was looking for a Team Lead Sales. After some consideration, I decided to apply internally, and that’s how I ended up in my current position.

That’s great to hear! Tell us, what did you learn through your career in sales so far?
Generally speaking, I’d say sales teaches you persistence. Not every prospect that you speak to will buy your product or service––no matter how good you are as a sales rep. Timing plays a pretty big role in that. Be patient with your prospect but also with yourself because ups and downs are part of the journey. If things don’t work out as you expected, reflect on it and think about how you can do better next time. Most importantly, though: Keep trying!

What did you learn through your work at zenloop?
I’ve never been part of a more diverse team in my professional career so far. People with different cultures, backgrounds, and working philosophies come together which makes for a really interesting and fun mix. zenloop does a great job at giving every employee an equal voice and opportunity to share their thoughts and implement new ideas. Getting the chance to work with and learn from so many different people makes this a great place to work at. So to answer your question: I learned a lot. 

Which advice would you give someone who wants to work in sales at zenloop?
I believe success in sales does not necessarily come from experience. It comes from your passion for the company and the product, your passion for solving other companies’ problems, and most importantly from your own drive and persistence. Sales surely isn’t the easiest job, it requires hard work. But I find it is the most rewarding job I can imagine for myself. My advice if you’re curious about working in sales but are concerned because you have no experience so far: Don’t be shy, give it a try and apply! You’ll learn everything you need on the job. If you’re an ambitious person, you’ll surely be able to succeed.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not selling zenloop? 
I’m crazy about food which is actually one of the reasons why I moved to Berlin. There is no comparable city in the world that provides such a manifold food scene for such affordable prices. I love going to restaurants because it brings you a tiny bit closer to other cultures and sharing this experience with your friends is amazing. A nice evening with good food, drinks, friends, and long conversations is my personal happy place.

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Sascha Kringel

PR & Communications