Some of the biggest companies worldwide use NPS to measure customer loyalty. However, too many of them - regardless of the size - use NPS in the wrong way.

We present the 5 most common mistakes made by those companies

Do not Focus on the Result Only

The Net Promoter Score is not just a statistical number but rather an entire system. Its true value and ability to drive growth are revealed when building up authentic customer relationships and AFTER the survey. Although it may be desirable to establish average values to identify trends, the full growth potential only unfolds after the survey is completed. So concentrate more on the feedback from customers than on your overall score!

2. Don’t start asking too early

Most companies send their NPS surveys immediately after the customer has purchased the product. This can be the right strategy if you just want to determine the efficiency of your shopping cart process. But you can learn much more if you investigate the retention effect of your brand or a specific product. At the point when the customer did not even receive the product or has not used your service you should not yet collect the NPS. The key to success here is simply to give people a week or two AFTER they receive the product to give them some time to use the product before they are asked to give feedback.

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3. Ask repeatedly

Just as bad as sending a survey too early, is to stop after a single questionnaire. Especially in the Subscription Business a score over time provides essential information. Such score trends can indicate whether a business is developing into the right direction.

4. Don’t hide NPS surveys within other questionnaires

Embedding the NPS in larger surveys is a mistake that many companies make frequently. A key feature which makes the NPS effective is its enormous response rates. The high responsiveness of customers is simply due to the fact that it is a one-question survey that takes only a few seconds and does not require more attention from the customer. But if you try to ask several questions, the customers will be deterred and it is hard to establish an authentic customer relationship.

5. Do not Send NPS Surveys when you Are not Prepared for the Responses

The last and at the same time biggest mistake is sending NPS surveys without having a proper strategy in place regarding the reaction to the feedback. Therefore, it is worth creating a plan with wording templates for all 11 possible score results before you send out the surveys. The templates should be set up in a way that they are adaptable to the individual responses of customers. Thus, the most important part of the NPS - namely the postprocessing - is much easier to handle. Planning the follow-up work in advance is essential!

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Die Verwendung des NPS kann einer der größten Impulse zur Wachstumssteigerung und gegen Kundenabwanderung für Dein Business sein, aber nur, wenn Du ihn auch korrekt einsetzt. Leider sind den meisten Leuten die häufigsten Fehler nicht bekannt, doch Du kennst nun den Unterschied zwischen einer sehr guten NPS-Kampagne und einer schlechten. Baue diese 5 Anregungen ein und ich versichere Dir, dass Du eine enorme und unmittelbare Veränderung Deiner Ergebnisse verspüren wirst.