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#CXfriends: zenloop organises second Customer Experience Café


With the slogan of CXfriends, zenloop will shortly hold its second Customer Experience Café. It gives us the chance to come together with our users over a leisurely bre...

"Closing the Loop" - How to define a successful NPS Feedback-Loop


Successful Feedback-Loops - the success of a Net Promoter Score program is measured by the ability to react quickly to customer feedback. Ultimately your NPS is important...

How to use the right Touchpoints to improve your NPS


Customer feedback and NPS are vitally important to e-Commerce. Collecting NPS information using it in the right way is key to success. These processes rely heavily on det...

9 Reasons Why it’s Worth to Engage with Detractors


For a successful Net Promoter System you need to do more than just collect feedback. Just as important is the use of feedback-management and retention platforms like z...

Become more successful with using continual NPS Micro Surveys


Too many companies still rely on sending out the same, repetitive annual customer surveys to capture information about satisfaction and feedback from their customers. Oft...