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How to improve CRM strategies with NPS®

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The Harvard Business Review published A Look into Microsoft’s Data-Driven Approach to Improving Sales, which provided insight into how Microsoft completed a major redes...

Key figures and Measures for relevant Newsletters and satisfied Customers

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For sustainable successful e-mail marketing and satisfied customers, constant monitoring of success is absolutely crucial. Firms usually monitor the most common key figur...

How to improve company performance sustainably with NPS

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Especially in times of market leaders such as Amazon and Co., companies have to fight over every single customer in order to survive in a highly competitive market. Almos...

Tips how to win even happier customers

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Eva is the perfect customer: she is thrilled about buying a new bag. She shares her enthusiasm with her friends, in the real-life through stories and online through socia...

zenloop in Podcasts: “With NPS® Feedback to greater Customer Loyalty”

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Our zenloop founders Paul and Björn were again guests of Sven Rittau on his ChefTreff Podcast. This time, the three spoke about customer satisfaction, collecting Custom...

zenloop in Podcasts: “The Flaconi Story” - with Paul and Björn

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Our zenloop founders Paul and Björn were guests on ChefTreff, a Podcast from and with entrepreneur Sven Rittau. He often hosts business people and makers and doers ...