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#CXfriends: zenloop organises second Customer Experience Café

January 7th at 10:44am by Susan Levermann

With the slogan of CXfriends, zenloop will shortly hold its second Customer Experience Café. It gives us the chance to come together with our users over a leisurely breakfast; exchange experience reports, best practices and new ideas relating to customer retention, and look at the customer journey and the correct application of NPS-systems and NPS-tools.

NPS – Successful Feedback Management in spite of tight resources

January 4th at 11:51am by Susan Levermann

A Net Promoter System shouldn’t just generate a score. The correct use of NPS to manage feedback and successfully close the feedback loop will bring your organization long-term benefits. NPS software such as zenloop helps you to efficiently and sustainably close the feedback loop, even with limited resources.

Job Interview: What Is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

January 22nd at 4:17pm by Susan Levermann

Maybe you’ve just finished your studies or you want to professionally re-orient yourself - but don’t know what to do? If that sounds like you, then consider the job of Entrepreneur-in-Residence at our customer experience platform zenloop, which gives you experience in all their different divisions. Today, we’re interviewing our current Entrepreneur in Residence, Judith, about her work and day-to-day tasks.