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zenloop Goes to Lisbon! Our Teamweek in January

February 1st at 1:06pm by Susan Levermann

Yes, you read that correctly: Right at the start of the year the whole zenloop team went to beautiful, sunny Lisbon. Thirty zenloopies came together for workshops on creating new themes and features in design sprints and to move even closer together as a small family.

9 Reasons Why it’s Worth to Engage with Detractors

February 8th at 4:34pm by Susan Levermann

For a successful Net Promoter System you need to do more than just collect feedback. Just as important is the use of feedback-management and retention platforms like zenloop to analyse feedback and break it down into procedures and actionable steps. Here are 9 reasons why companies should focus not just on promoters, but take an active interest in detractors and respond to their feedback.